"There are healthy ways to fill the emptiness. Start counselling today."

Below the text is a strange image, featuring a disturbing painting of a young woman drowning in an aquarium.

Facebook has been offering me some slightly worrying content recently, much of which appears to be directed at me and my apparent descent into abject nihilism.

I suppose that's very kind of you, faceless targeting algorithm, but my emptiness and I have grown quite fond of each other. I fill it with food, and it fills me with dread. Symbiosis, wouldn't you say?

Speaking of sponsored content, I don't imagine that it's any wonder so many of us are feeling emotionally under-nourished and mentally derailed. In the absence of meaning, advertising becomes the leading authority on what we want, what we need, and what we absolutely can't do without.

You can't miss this sensational drama! / The product you need to look your best! / Shop now and receive a free gift! / A small piece of your soul in exchange for this toaster!

For such a lonely life, there sure is a lot of noise.